Hi! I’m Donna, and have given myself the title of Dame Evangelist. My goal is to build a community of strong women who want to change the world and laugh while doing it. Over 25 years of experience in leading organizations through change, as well as the experience of going through THE change, has resulted in a belief that we must face our harshest realities (like menopause and aging) and join hands so that we all come out the other side stronger, wiser, and still laughing.

Here a few reasons why you might want to contact me:

  • You want to tell me how amazingly brilliant I am.
  • You want to share a topic for our Dame Community.
  • You want to connect with other Dames on our Facebook Fan Page or Twitter.
  • You want me to come and speak at your next event.
  • You want some coaching on moving through your own change.
  • You want me to lead a workshop or telecourse for you.

But then I will remember and blame my menopause and make sure that I get back to you.